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Monday, July 2
09:50 - 11:10
S1.T1: Source Coding with Side Information Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S1.T2: Multiple Access Codes Kresge Auditorium (109)
S1.T3: Two-Unicast Networks Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S1.T4: Secrecy Models in Wiretap Channels Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S1.T5: List Decoding and Reed-Solomon Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S1.T6: Combinatorial Problems in Coding Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S1.T7: Gaussian Channels Stratton (407)
S1.T8: Information Theoretic Tools and Properties Stratton (491)
S1.T9: Theory of Quantum Error Correction Stratton West Lounge (201)
11:30 - 12:50
S2.T1: Network Source Coding with Side Information Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S2.T2: Variations on Broadcast Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S2.T3: Multi-Hop Multi-Flow Wireless Networks Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S2.T4: Wiretap Channels with Feedback, Side Information, and Common Messaes Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S2.T5: Reed-Muller Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S2.T6: Constrained Coding Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S2.T7: Capacity of Gaussian Channels Stratton (407)
S2.T8: Distributed Detection and Estimation Stratton (491)
S2.T9: Quantum Codes from Classical Codes, Stratton West Lounge (201)
14:40 - 16:20
S3.T1: Lossy Source Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S3.T2: Three-Receiver Broadcast Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S3.T3: *-and-Forward Relaying Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S3.T4: Secure Communications Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S3.T5: Spatially-Coupled Coding Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S3.T6: Codes and Their Applications Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S3.T7: Deletion Channels Stratton (407)
S3.T8: Directed Information, Common Information, and Divergence Stratton (491)
S3.T9: Communication Problems in Quantum Optics Stratton West Lounge (201)
16:40 - 18:00
S4.T1: The Slepian-Wolf and CEO Problems Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S4.T2: Capacity of Broadcast Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S4.T3: Connectivity and Interference Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S4.T4: Structured Codes Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S4.T5: Codes on Graphs Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S4.T6: Identifying Codes and Power Line Communications Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S4.T7: Capacity of Finite-Alphabet Channels Stratton (407)
S4.T8: Information and Estimation Stratton (491)
S4.T9: Quantum Channels in Network Information Theory Stratton West Lounge (201)
Tuesday, July 3
09:50 - 11:10
S5.T1: Multiterminal Source Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S5.T2: Relay Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S5.T3: Energy-Efficient Communication Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S5.T4: Finite Blocklength Analysis Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S5.T5: Coding for L1 Distance and Asymmetric Errors Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S5.T6: Boolean Functions and Related Topics Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S5.T7: Continuous Time Channels and Shannon Ordering Stratton (407)
S5.T8: Prediction and Estimation Stratton (491)
S5.T9: Secrecy in Quantum Communications Stratton West Lounge (201)
11:30 - 12:50
S6.T1: Finite Blocklength Analysis for Source Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S6.T2: Code Design for Relay Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S6.T3: Energy Harvesting Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S6.T4: Distributed Applications Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S6.T5: Coding for Flash Memories Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S6.T6: Sequences: Theory and Applications Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S6.T7: Tools for Bounding Capacity Stratton (407)
S6.T8: Probability and Estimation Stratton (491)
S6.T9: Tools for Quantum Information Theory Stratton West Lounge (201)
14:40 - 16:20
S7.T1: Lossless and Universal Source Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S7.T2: Relay Channels in Wireless Networks Kresge Auditorium (109)
S7.T3: Cellular Networks Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S7.T4: Secrecy in Computation and Communication Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S7.T5: Regenerating Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S7.T6: Sequences and Their Properties Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S7.T7: Approximate Belief Propagation Stratton (407)
S7.T8: Information Inequalities Stratton (491)
S7.T9: Compressive Sensing Stratton West Lounge (201)
16:40 - 18:00
S8.T1: Network Coding: Code Design and Resource Allocation Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S8.T2: Relay Strategies for Network Communications Kresge Auditorium (109)
S8.T3: Energy Issues in Communication Systems Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S8.T4: Multiple Description Coding Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S8.T5: WOM Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S8.T6: New Sequence Constructions Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S8.T7: Communication Theory Stratton (407)
S8.T8: Estimation and Detection Stratton (491)
S8.T9: Sampling and Signaling Stratton West Lounge (201)
Wednesday, July 4
09:50 - 11:10
S9.T1: Network Coding: Security and Reliability Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S9.T2: Relaying over Interference Networks Kresge Auditorium (109)
S9.T3: Degrees of Freedom and Scaling Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S9.T4: Joint Source-Channel Codes Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S9.T5: Linear Codes and UEP Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S9.T6: Synchrony and Perfect Secrecy Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S9.T7: Medium Access Control Stratton (407)
S9.T8: Portfolios and Estimation Stratton (491)
S9.T9: Compressive Sensing and Phase Transitions Stratton West Lounge (201)
11:30 - 13:10
S10.T1: Network Coding: Capacity and Bounds Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S10.T2: Multiple Access Channels with Side Information Kresge Auditorium (109)
S10.T3: MIMO Capacity Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S10.T4: Coding with Lattices Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S10.T5: Rateless Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S10.T6: Secret Key Generation and Sharing Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S10.T7: Cognitive Channels Stratton (407)
S10.T8: Group Testing and Detection Stratton (491)
S10.T9: Compressive Sensing and Algorithms Stratton West Lounge (201)
Thursday, July 5
09:50 - 11:10
S11.T1: Network Coding for Multiple Unicast Sessions Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S11.T2: Interference Channels with Delayed CSI Kresge Auditorium (109)
S11.T3: Deterministic Models Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S11.T4: Joint Source-Channel Coding in Networks Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S11.T5: Polar Codes: Theory and Practice Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S11.T6: Authentication and Signatures Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S11.T7: Message Passing Algorithms Stratton (407)
S11.T8: Patterns, Estimation, Hypothesis Testing Stratton (491)
S11.T9: L1-Regularized Least Squares and Frames Stratton West Lounge (201)
11:30 - 12:50
S12.T1: Network Coding for Wireless Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S12.T2: Interference Alignment Kresge Auditorium (109)
S12.T3: Deterministic Channels Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S12.T4: Classical and Adversarial Joint Source-Channel Coding Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S12.T5: Polar Codes over Non-Binary Alphabets Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S12.T6: Cryptanalysis and Distributed Guessing Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S12.T7: Fading Channels Stratton (407)
S12.T8: Hypothesis Testing Stratton (491)
S12.T9: L1-Regularized Least Squares and Sparsity Stratton West Lounge (201)
14:40 - 16:20
S13.T1: Index Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S13.T2: Interference Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S13.T3: MIMO Precoding Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S13.T4: Gaussian Wiretap Channels Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S13.T5: Analysis of LDPC Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S13.T6: Convolutional and Turbo Codes Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S13.T7: Communication Systems Stratton (407)
S13.T8: Coded Modulation Stratton (491)
S13.T9: Fourier Subsampling Stratton West Lounge (201)
16:40 - 18:00
S14.T1: Network Erasure Correction Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S14.T2: Subspace Interference Alignment and Feasibility Conditions Kresge Auditorium (109)
S14.T3: Multiple-Antenna Broadcast Channels Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S14.T4: Game Theory Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S14.T5: New Constructions of LDPC Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S14.T6: Applications of Codes in Cryptography Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S14.T7: Topics in Shannon Theory Stratton (407)
S14.T8: High-Dimensional Inference Stratton (491)
Friday, July 6
09:50 - 11:10
S15.T1: Data Exchange and Gathering Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S15.T2: Opportunistic and Relay-Aided Interference Alignment Kresge Auditorium (109)
S15.T3: Topics in MIMO Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S15.T4: Delay and Distributed Scheduling Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S15.T5: Decoding Algorithms for Codes on Graphs Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S15.T6: Fundamental Limits on Complexity Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S15.T8: Tree Learning Stratton (491)
S15.T9: Strings, Sorting, and Biology Stratton West Lounge (201)
11:30 - 13:10
S16.T1: Coded Storage and Caching Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S16.T2: Gaussian Interference Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S16.T3: MIMO coding Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S16.T4: Delay and Deadline Constrained Communication Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S16.T5: Decoding Techniques for LDPC Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S16.T6: Cyclic Codes and Symbol-Pair Codes Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S16.T7: Feedback Stratton (407)
S16.T8: Error Exponents Stratton (491)
S16.T9: Information Theory in Biology Stratton West Lounge (201)
15:00 - 16:40
S17.T1: Rank-Modulation Coding Kresge Rehearsal B (030)
S17.T2: Communication and Computation over Multiple Access Channels Kresge Auditorium (109)
S17.T3: MIMO Equalization, Diversity and Optimization Stratton Sala de Puerto Rico (202)
S17.T4: Communication Models Stratton 20 Chimneys (306)
S17.T5: Cyclic and Quasicyclic LDPC Codes Kresge Little Theatre (035)
S17.T6: Codes over Rings Kresge Rehearsal A (033)
S17.T7: Interference Channels with Feedback Stratton (407)