Finalists to the Student Paper Award

Achievability Proof via Output Statistics of Random Binning
Mohammad Hossein Yassaee; Mohammad Reza Aref; Amin Aminzadeh Gohari

Symmetrical Multilevel Diversity Coding with an All-Access Encoder
Jinjing Jiang; Neeharika Marukala; Tie Liu

Multiterminal Source Coding under Logarithmic Loss
Thomas Courtade; Tsachy Weissman

Access vs. Bandwidth in Codes for Storage
Itzhak Tamo; Zhiying Wang; Jehoshua Bruck

Burst list decoding of interleaved Reed-Solomon codes
Tom Kolan; Ron M. Roth

Importance of Symbol Equity in Coded Modulation for Power Line Communications
Yeow Meng Chee; Han Mao Kiah; Punarbasu Purkayastha; Chengmin Wang

Multiplicative secret sharing schemes from Reed-Muller type codes
Iwan Duursma; Jiashun Shen

Broadcasting Private Messages Securely
László Czap, Vinod M Prabhakaran; Suhas Diggavi; Christina Fragouli

Unitary Isotropically Distributed Inputs are not Capacity-Achieving for Large-MIMO Fading Channels
Wei Yang; Giuseppe Durisi; Erwin Riegler

The minimax risk of truncated series estimators for symmetric convex polytopes
Adel Javanmard; Li Zhang

Pointwise Relations between Information and Estimation
Kartik Venkat; Tsachy Weissman

Quantized Stochastic Belief Propagation: Efficient Message-Passing for Continuous State Spaces
Nima Noorshams; Martin J. Wainwright