Recent Results

List of Recent Results Posters

Mohammad Shaqfeh and Hussein AlnuweiriDecode-and-Forward Relaying via The Broadcast of Repetition Coding
Sirin Nitinawarat, Geroge Atia and Venugopal V. VeeravalliControlled Sensing for Multihypothesis Testing
Chiachi Huang and Michael P. WendorfDegrees of Freedom Region of the 3-Receiver MIMO Broadcast Channel with Common Messages
Masanori Hirimoto and Masakatu MoriiAn Efficient Method for Computing the Weight Spectrum of LDPC Convolutional Codes Based on Circulant Matrices
Mayank Bakshi, Sidharth Jaggi, Sheng Cai and Minghua ChenOrder-optimal Compressive Sensing for Approximately k-sparse signals: O(k) measurements, O(k) decoding steps
Flemming TopsøeOn Universal Coding and Isotonic Regression
Adrian Agustin and Josep VidalDegrees of Freedom Region of the MIMO X Channel with an Arbitrary Number of Antennas
Edwin HammerichA Note on Gallager’s Capacity Theorem for Waveform Channels
Sarah E. Anderson and Gretchen L. MatthewsConstructing Polar Codes with Large Exponent via Algebraic Geometry Codes
Steve Jiekak and Nicolas Le ScouarnecCROSS-MBCR : Exact Minimum Bandwidth Coordinated Regenerating Codes
Aryeh (Leonid) Kontorovich and Ari TrachtenbergEfficiently Decoding Strings from Their Shingles
Shahab AsoodehOn the Energy of a Single-Bit Communication in Poisson Channel with Feedback
Hidetoshi Ustunomiya and Hiroshi KamabeA Construction of Multiple Error Correcting WOM-code
Ahmad Abu Al Haija and Mai VuAchievability for the Interference Channel with Joint Source-Destination Cooperation (IC-SDC)
Kenneth Andrews and and Sam DolinarPerformance of the Bounded Distance Decoder on the AWGN Channel
Francesco Negro, Dirk T.M. Slock and Irfan GhauriDOF Optimization in the Time Selective MIMO Interference Channel with CSI through Analog Feedback
Ranjith Nair, Saikat Guh and Si-Hui TanA realizable Exponentially-Optimal Receiver for Discriminating any M Coherent States
Yao Tang and Mai VuPartial-Decode-Forward Relaying for An N-node Relay Network
Shun-taro Honjo and Hiroki KogaA (2,2)-Threshold Scheme Based on a Two-Dimentional Code with Decodability by Cellular Phones
Lokesh Amarnath and Ari TrachtenbergPrioritized Randomized Repetition Rateless Codes
Alexey Kovalev and Leonid P. PryadkoFault Tolerant Quantum LDPC Codes
Antonia WachterBounds on List Decoding Gabidulin Codes
Alexander Zeh and and Sergey BezzateevA New Error and Erasure Decoding Approach for Cyclic Codes
Fatma Benkhelifa, Zouheir Rezki and Mohamed-Slim AlouiniOn The Capacity Of Maximum Ratio Combining over Rician Fading Channels with Full Channel State Information at Low SNR
Shaun Joseph and Seif Omar Abu Bakr Convergence Of Nearest Neighbor Pattern Classification with Selective Sampling
Zachary Dutton, Saikat Guha and Mark M. WildePerformance of Polar Codes for Quantum and Private Classical Communication
Zhaohui Wang, Shengli Zhou, Zhengdao Wang, Bing Wang and Peter WillettDynamic Cooperative Relaying Over A Linear Network in Underwater Acoustic Channels
Nihar B. Shah, K. V. Rashmi and Kannan Ramchandran Secret Share Dissemination across a Network
Alex Dytso, Natasha Devroye, and Daniela TuninettiSumSCapacity of the symmetric Linear Deterministic Complete K-user Z-interference Channel
H. Peyvandi, F. Reategui, M. A. Imran and R. Tafozolli On Performance Optimization in Self-Organizing Networks using Enhanced Adaptive Simulated Annealing with Similarity Measure
Justin Dauwels, Hang Yu, Shiyan Xu and Xueou WangDiscrete Copula Gaussian Graphical Model
Jeong-Min Ryu and Heung-No LeeNew Finite-Length Analysis for LDPC Codes
Matthew Nokleby, Bobak Nazer, and Behnaam AazhangRelay Alignment: Managing Interference with Cooperation and Computation

Authors are encouraged to submit their most recent results in information theory for the ISIT 2012 poster session. Anyone who would like to participate is required to send a poster draft and a 1-2 page manuscript explaining the contribution to Dr. Alex Dimakis ( or Dr. Bane Vasic ( by May 31, 2012.

Please note that these manuscripts will not go through a formal review process, and will not appear in the published proceedings.

A recent results poster session will be held on Wednesday, July 4, between 09:50 and 10:50, in the Stratton Student Center, Private Dining Rooms 1 & 2 on the Third Floor. Each presenter will be given a poster board for display, which measures 30" x 40". The stationery and hardware necessary for putting up posters on the boards will be provided on location. Poster presenters will be required to set up their posters prior to the start of the session.

The notifications on the acceptance of the posters will be sent on the 10th of June 2012.

No visa letters will be provided to recent results authors.