Student Events

Special Panel Session

Monday, July 2, 13:15
Stratton Student Center, Sala de Puerto Rico

Special Panel Session beginning at 13:15. Following the morning sessions, pick up your lunch at the Kresge Oval Tent and bring it to the Stratton Student Center Sala de Puerto Rico room on the 2nd Floor to join your friends and colleagues for this lunch hour program.

Mentoring Reception

Tuesday, July 3, 19:00 - 20:00
Kresge Auditorium Lobby

For all existing and potential future members of the IEEE IT Society mentoring program to foster ties between mentors and mentees.

"Who Wants To Be An IT Millionaire?"

Thursday, July 5, 13:15
Stratton Student Center, Sala de Puerto Rico

You can bring your lunch to this lively lunch hour event, starting at 13:15 in Sala de Puerto Rico on the 2nd Floor of the Stratton Student Center. This wraps up, with time to spare before the afternoon sessions.